SEPTA is analyzing future land use and potential connections at and around King of Prussia Rail's (KOP Rail) five planned stations, including sidewalks and trails. In spring 2022, SEPTA held an open house series to hear from the community on what they would like the areas around the stations to be like in the future. Below, you can download to view meeting materials from each open house. 

You may provide input to SEPTA at any time through this comment form or by emailing info@kingofprussiarail.com

Spring 2022 Open Houses

Open House #1: March 7, 2022, Virtual Transit Talk

On March 7, 2022, project team members summarized key trends in the area and asked for input on how KOP Rail stations will connect to surrounding destinations. To provide comment, email info@kingofprussiarail.com.

March 7 Virtual Transit Talk Recording:

You may provide input to SEPTA at anytime through this comment form or by emailing info@kingofprussiarail.com.

Open House #2: April 6, 2022

At the in-person house on April 6, 2022, attendees were re-introduced to the transit-oriented community study, which looks forward 15 to 20 years to identify how the communities around the sations should develop to meet the community's goals, and maximize KOP Rail's benefits. The project team asked the public to comment on opportunities and constraints at each of the five planned stations: Henderson Road, Allendale Road, Mail Boulevard, First & American, and First & Moore. To provide comment, email info@kingofprussiarail.com

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Open House #3: May 3, 2022

At the in-person open house on May 3, 2022, the project team presented preliminary priorities for connections surrounding KOP Rail's stations based on input received throughout the spring open house series. To provide comment, email info@kingofprussiarail.com

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